Health & Nutrition Essentials - 2 Day Workshop - Sydney CBD  - 01.08.2015

Health & Nutrition Essentials - 2 Day Workshop - Sydney CBD

About this Workshop!

Most of us think we feel ok - that things that happen are 'normal' because we just get used to things!!

BUT what if there was a BETTER kind of normal??

What if you could learn a few REALLY SIMPLE things that could change your life?

On a daily basis, YOU are your own chef & nutritionist! YOU are ultimately in control of your own health & wellbeing so, do you feel YOU are suitably qualified?

....Or is there more you would love to know to feed your body the BEST things for YOU?

This course is designed to give you a good understanding of HOW your body works, WHAT it needs to do 'its thing' and get, and stay!!!!

You will leave with the knowledge and resources so that you can put energy-rich, nourishing meals together & ensure you're getting the MOST out of your food & drink!

You will get all 'hands-on/interactive' & actually test yourself for mineral deficiencies and how to correct them - easily!

You'll learn how to read the signs your bodies are sending you!! (It does send signals but we often don't get them).

We'll cover:

  • What your body does & how it works best
  • What you're deficient in & how to fix it through diet & supplements
  • Why Nutrients & Minerals are so important to your health & well-being
  • Diets & Fads - the good, the bad and the downright dangerous!!!
  • Food Types & Why you need them
  • Meal Planning & Menu Ideas for ALL meals

Learn all you need to know about getting the best value from what you eat and changing your life through good of all, it'll be FUN - I promise!!

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